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Why Travel agents are the best to plan a destination wedding?

Here is a question that we see a lot on social media and that we get asked often. Do I need a destination wedding travel agent to help with my beach wedding? Wouldn’t that increase the cost?

Since this is what we do here at Hola Weddings, we certainly do think so! Below are the top reasons why I think you should use a Travel agent for your destination wedding.

Top 5 reasons to use a Travel Agent for your Destination Wedding:

Their services are free

Yes, you read that right! It does not cost you more to use a Travel agent in most cases. Some agencies do charge a planning fee but they have to tell you in advance. A lot of them don’t charge anything (hint, hint, Hola Weddings doesn’t ;))

Not only that, but they also get you the best prices, payment terms and concessions. How do they make money, you ask? They get commissions on the rooms booked by you and your guests.

Wouldn’t that make it more expensive to me then? Nope. The room rates the tour operator or hotels provide to agents are the same or even better as the ones from the hotel directly.

A travel agent is just another channel for the hotel to sell their products. In fact, Expedia, Booking, Priceline, etc are all travel agencies themselves and on top of that, because of their buying power, tour operators usually offer better concessions (more on that a bit further) than the hotel direct.

lisa wright, destination wedding travel agent and selnika, a bride at the sandos playacar
Destination Travel agents and Brides can become good friends

Expert advice and knowledge of destinations, packages, and resorts

Destination Travel agents are specialized and experienced professionals. They are trained, have great resources and great knowledge of the destinations, resorts, wedding packages, and wedding locations to help you find the best location for you and provide added value when booking your destination wedding.

They have industry contacts that make it easier for them to reach hotels and solve issues. If you ever felt overwhelmed trying to find ideas or the best location for your destination wedding, it is completely normal! There are a ton of options. A travel agent’s job is to know those options and help you find the best one for you and your guests based on your needs.

See how to get the best pricing for your Destination Wedding Group

In addition to that, groups are not the same as individual reservations. You have different options available to you such as a contracted group or an express group. There are different deposit and payment options as well as travel insurance possibilities. A destination wedding Travel agent is there to help and make sure you get the best conditions.

Having a good travel agent is like having a professional coach that helps you figure out the best options.

Travel agents find the best rates and extra discounts

Travel agents can work directly with the hotels but more often than not, they work with a Tour operator who buys rooms from the hotel in bulk, which is why they get better rates.

Further to that, they also get extra discounts and concessions depending on the resort. For example, after a certain amount of rooms paid, you can get a free room or a room upgrade. Even private transfers instead of shared transfers.

Agents know about the promotions offered by the different hotel chains and tour operators and can make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

Some agencies also offer their own promotions like free personalized maracas 😀

custom design wedding maracas
Personnalised Wedding Maracas

They take care of all the logistics

A destination wedding travel agent will take care of all the logistics for your group. They will answer all your guest’s questions about the resort, the room upgrades, the airport transfers, and the destination as well as help with any changes and will fix problems that could arise.

Uncle Bobby thinks Mexico is dangerous, send him to your agent. Your rich sibling wants a penthouse instead of a standard room, send him to your agent. Cousin John wants to add his new love interest to his reservations, send him to your agent. Your agent will take care of them for you and make sure everything runs smoothly so you can be stress-free.

Time is a precious commodity and managing everyone’s questions and expectations when it comes to the travel plans can be very tedious. An agent will be the teammate you need to take care of all that so you can concentrate on the important part of this journey, your wedding!

They are available in case of issues or emergencies

We all want everything to be perfect but it does not always go the way we had planned. Missed flights, last-minute add-ons or cancelations, transportation issues. A lot can happen!

Have you ever tried calling Expedia or similar Call Center to solve an issue? It can get very frustrating! This is the reason your travel agent is there, to help and make sure that all travelers safely reach their destination.


All that being said, I think the questions should be: Why would you NOT use a Travel agent for your destination wedding! They take on a crucial role and work for you to ensure everything is smooth and stress-free.

All that to no extra cost to you. The only thing is to make sure you find the special one that works for you!

The good news is that here at Hola Weddings we know our stuff and love to help! Reach out and we will be happy to make your Destination Wedding the best day of your life! (Ok, one of the best days of your life. We have to be reasonable here as you might have kids or win the lottery one day! :D)


Jeff Lanno

Having worked in travel agencies for the past 15+ years, this morphed into managing groups and wedding groups. Travel is my passion. I backpacked the world for 7 years in my 20s and now keep going as much as family life permits it! I visited more than 35 countries (so far), 4 continents (so far) and lived in 6 countries (so far). My goal is to make the travel and destination wedding experience a beautiful and a memorable experience. I love helping people discover new places and experience new things. I can work with people from the USA and Canada, and I am a legally certified Canadian travel agent with an OPC license from Qc.

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