Introduction to

Wedding Packages

When you are planning your Destination wedding, the wedding package is the foundation on which to build your dream event.

Different resorts offer different packages, so that they can cater to most group sizes. The packages can range from very simple (just the ceremony and basic decor), to larger affairs with multiple events (such as a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception).

Keep in mind that the package inclusions are not negotiable. This means that you can’t substitute an item for something else, or get a credit for something you don’t want. You have to choose the wedding package and then add on what you need to create the perfect wedding for you.

The package includes a certain number of guests, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have more guests. There is an additional price per person for every guest above the included number.

Therefore, try and find a package with a base cost below your total destination wedding budget. Chances are that you will need a few add-ons that will make the final cost a bit higher.

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