With love of course! A little help does not hurt either. Family, friends and professionalS (just like us!) can help you plan and make this special day a spectacular one to remember. An experienced travel agent can help you find the perfect wedding location based on your dream vision and budget as well as take care of the guests travel and reservations. Once your ideal wedding venue is picked, the resort planners will work with you to plan out all the details for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Together we are here to also help you find the best local professionals for hair and make-up, photos, decor, music etc.

Well, yes! We don’t charge you any additional fees other than what you will pay to the hotel for your group. We do make commissions from our bookings, as any other agency would, but our services to help you find the right hotel, book your group and hold your hand along the way are complementary (and done with love).

We are passionate and dedicated to making your destination wedding easy and for it to be everything YOU want it to be. We know that this is an extremely special moment in your life and want to help you make it stress-free and memorable. We are available, accessible, honest and love to help our couples.

Training and expertise. We are based in Mexico, travel regularly to the hotels that we sell. We speak English and Spanish (at least), have local contacts, and we only offer you hotels and areas we can say we are experts in. We have local vendors that can help you find better prices for extra services like flowers, decor etc. Plus, we are happy to offer you honest feedback on the hotels we sell, access to real photos of the resort and wedding venues that we have taken ourselves (no photoshop) and try our very best to match your expectations, budget and guests budget to the best hotel for your big day.

Yes, if you are in an all-inclusive hotel, the food and drinks are included. What is not included is a private event. In the case of a wedding, if you want a private cocktail hour or private reception, the hotel needs to set up the area, arrange for extra staff and provide the special menus offered in the case of a private event.

The earlier the better to make sure your favorite wedding venue is available for your chosen date. This also ensures that your guests have time to figure out their budget for the trip. 12-15 months is a very good window to get started and to save your date for a Destination Wedding.

Well, that is a loaded question! The best answer is certainly not the most popular: It depends! There are two main cost to consider. First, there is the the wedding package price. This is what the resort charges for the actual event. This will vary depending on whether you have just a simple ceremony, a cocktail hour, a private or semi-private reception, live music or a DJ, decor or even a fire show! The second cost to consider, is the one for your guests accommodation. Choosing according to your needs, budget and guests budget is key to finding the perfect wedding location for your dream ceremony and reception. That’s where we come in, get in touch and we can help!