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For many couples, the thought of planning a destination wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time, after all, it’s one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, right?

The true success of a wedding starts with choosing the perfect destination wedding travel agent. Working with the right fit for you will ensure your needs are met, will minimize any stressful situations, and will keep things smooth and fun from beginning to end.

Not sure what makes Hola Weddings the perfect travel agent for your destination wedding plans? Stay tuned because we’ll tell you a little bit about ourselves and how we can make your dream wedding a reality!

Hola weddings staff posing on a large love letter sign with flowers

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We are local

Hola Weddings is based in the Riviera Maya, so we know the area like the palm of our hand. Our agents are in the hotels every week meeting with the resort wedding teams, seeing the venues, and learning what is new. No one can claim to know the hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya better than we do. Consider us the Wikipedia for Weddings in the area.

Also, if you haven’t decided on a specific resort and are looking to tour a few properties, we can take you to the resorts you want to see, do a site inspection with you, listen to your needs, and understand your wedding vision face to face. Who else could say this?

Hola weddings team at secrets moxche during construction
We visit resorts even before they are open!

We’ve seen it all… almost

Our expertise is the Riviera Maya area however, ask us about Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica. We’ve been there! Are you interested in a destination wedding in Cabo, Vallarta, or Huatulco? We’ve done that, too!

We can proudly say most of our staff has experienced first hand -for leisure or for work, the destinations and resorts we suggest for your wedding.

Practice makes perfect

We have worked as travel agents, destination representatives, hotel concierges, personal butlers, receptionists, bellboys, airline agents, tour guides, and banqueting planners. We know the ins and outs of travel operations, and understand how hotels work.

With +75 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, we can confidently say we have a few aces under our sleeves. Our team is made up of experts in the travel industry who can do much more than just planning a wedding. See a complete list of our services here.

Some of us have had destination weddings ourselves. So we truly empathize with couples about to get married and take matters into our own hands very seriously. It’s like planning our own wedding!

Groom carring her bride after the wedding ceremony on the beach
Our very own Ivette and hubby at her beautiful destination wedding

People helping people

We are passionate individuals with strong values who understand how special this moment is to you and your guests. We are here to help you every step of the way, guide you through every single part of the process, and are vigilant during your whole wedding festivities in case you need us. We are here to hold your hand when planning a wedding from a distance becomes a little much.

At Hola Weddings, we pride ourselves on providing stellar customer service. We understand how important it is for our couples to feel confident and relaxed throughout the entire planning process, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are taken care of.

Not to show off, but there are pretty nice comments about our staff and services out there… just take a look at some of our reviews!

hola weddings reviews
Our past clients have been kind with their feedback!

Keeping it real

We are happy to offer you honest feedback on the hotels we recommend, and access to thousands of real photos of the resort and wedding venues that we have taken ourselves (no photoshop) so you have a realistic expectation that matches your vision.

You can watch +700 videos of wedding venues and resort facilities to help you select the perfect location for your big day. Visit our YouTube Channel. Or you can follow our Instagram page for some wedding inspiration.

You can watch HOURS of content on our channel. Make sure to subscribe!

We LOOOVE love

We love to travel but most importantly, we love love. We have great relationships with our suppliers and the hotel teams we work with which means better overall service for you and your guests. Our bond with the wedding couples and hotel guests is so strong, we’ve been invited to the wedding day a few times!

We learn, we grow

We are constantly taking courses, attending events, participating in trade shows, and visiting hotels for FAM trips and training. Staying in the now with the latest trends and learning as much as we can to provide you with our expertise is one of our main goals.

Our staff credentials include Catholic Weddings by the Ministry of Cancun and Chetumal, Wedding Planners by WIPC, Master Agents for AMR Collection, Smart Agents by Sandos, Destination Wedding Specialists for Riviera Maya and Cozumel, and we just recently certified as an inclusive agency for LBGTQ+ Weddings by the Equality Institute.

hola weddings lgbtq wedding certification

We give you more

Since we are the middleman between the hotel and you, we are not afraid to ask for all the upgrades, complimentary rooms, special perks, and anything extra you can get to make your wedding experience even more special plus, you get MONEY BACK for every room you book, according to the contract you sign.

If you are getting married in the Riviera Maya, we offer custom-made maracas for your party and discounted rates for group tours in the area. As you can see, there are many bonuses and benefits that you can take advantage of when you choose to work with us. Get in touch to learn what perks apply to your group.

a wedding set up in gold and green with an hola weddings maraca
Maracas can be stylish, and fun!

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Now you know why HOLA WEDDINGS is the right destination wedding travel agent for you!

Searching for a good travel agent can be difficult and disappointing. There are a lot of destination wedding travel agents out there, but finding one that is right for you can be tough. Many travel agents are not truly familiar with the ins and outs of destination weddings, and they may not be able to give you the guidance you need.

As a destination wedding travel agent, we offer many advantages and benefits that will make your wedding planning process much easier and more fun. With experienced staff and impeccable customer service, HOLA WEDDINGS is the perfect choice for all your destination wedding needs!

Get in touch, we love to help!

1-888-472-7077 [email protected]

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We are a team of dedicated, passionate travel experts that understand just how important your destination wedding is. Our job is to make your destination wedding planning EASY. Just get in touch!

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