7 Loving New Years Eve Proposal Ideas

New Year’s Eve is an already romantic day, you know, the midnight kiss and everything… And since it’s all about fresh new starts, how about starting the new year as an engaged couple? We have some dreamy New Years Eve proposal ideas for you.

For those love birds, this is your chance to celebrate with all the other hopelessly romantic people around. So put on your sparkliest outfit, plan your proposal, and pop the bubbly by the stroke of midnight!

couple dressed up highing and lauging at the beach
New Year, new engagement! Photo by Alex Rojas Photography.

Mini roadtrip

We may still have some travel restrictions here and there, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a mini drive somewhere nice. Take a trip to a nice scenery road, prepare a romantic playlist and sing along to your favorite songs during the drive.

Once you arrive at a nice setting, get off of the car with the alibi of a photo shooting for your insta. After a few shots, get down on your knee and propose! Best part? You don’t need to travel that far!

Urban Art

Get creative and create graffiti, a sign, or a painting on cardboard or a piece of wood and hang it somewhere around your neighborhood or even at her or his parents’ house. Go for a walk and lead to where the sign is, point towards the sign, and then fire the question.

As an added bonus, you can keep the art and decorate your home with it, it will certainly be a conversational piece!

New Years Eve Proposal Resolutions

Have a chat about your future and your plans together. Suggest trading resolutions with each other, making sure your partner goes first. When it’s your turn, talk about all your plans and dreams together, ending by saying your wish is to spend your life with him or her! 

Shimmering Sparklers

Right when the clock is about to hit midnight, hand sparklers to your party attendees. While you start lighting them, just make your move! Chances are everyone will already be taking pics and videos, and those sparklers will make it a magical moment.

People celebrating with sparklers at night
Sparklers to add a touch of magic. Photo by Freepik.

A Special Toast

If you are gathering with family or friends for a New Year’s Eve party, get ready to make a toast for the upcoming year, wishing everybody success and love for the future, and then right there, in front of everybody, ask the hand of your partner. If you play your time right, it would happen exactly before the countdown, so you are engaged the very first second of the new year!

S’mores and Diamonds

For a more intimate and private moment with your loved one, arrange to spend some time with just the two of you before the big party night. Prepare a warm drink, grab the marshmallows and cuddle around the chimney. After a few bites and sips, take the ring you’ve been hiding and pop the question!

Proposal O’clock

If you are really looking to raise the adrenaline here, wait until the 12 chimes of the clock. Right at midnight, where everyone is super excited hugging, kissing, throwing sparklers, confetti, and all. Celebrate with a new year’s eve kiss to begin this new chapter of your lives together!

Everyone will be so happy for you and who knows? Maybe you’ll bring them luck and it will be their turn next year.

Baby, it may be cold outside, but we are getting cozier than ever! Whimsical marriage proposals and loving couples everywhere will certainly uplift the season spirits. Are you ready to seek the hand of your better half? Tell us how it went, we are eager to know!

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