7 Romantic Valentines Day Proposal Ideas

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner! Since it all is about love, friendship, and companionship, take this opportunity to show your better half you are ready to take the relationship to the next level. 

Keep reading, and use some of our creative and romantic Valentines Day proposal ideas. Do not forget to tell us how it went, and give us a call as soon as you’re ready to start planning the BIG DAY!

Couple holding each other on the beach during sunset
Celebrate this special day with your special one! Photo credit: PIXAN


Surprise your partner with a traditional chocolate box, adding a note there is a very special one and you hope it is easy to find. Naturally, they will be anxious and start looking through all the chocolates. Once the bling is found, go on one knee and pop the question. It will be a sweet surprise!


Make a short video using pics of you two having fun, going on a trip, and all your favorite moments together. Organize a romantic movie night, make some popcorn, get cozy and say the movie you’re about to watch has never been released, but it promises to be a blockbuster. Upload it to a Youtube channel so it looks legit!

Play the video, you will surely get a tender response. Once the video is about to finish, pull the ring and fire the question. Your proposal will surely be a megahit plus, you’ll have a video to play at your wedding!


We all deserve some pampering, especially during these crazy times! Schedule some “US time” to indulge and coddle yourselves, maybe do each other a relaxing massage, take a romantic bubble bath, sip your favorite drink, or a glass of bubbly champagne.

When you are the most relaxed, lead the conversation to your relationship, your happy moments, and how you wish to spend the rest of your life together. This is your moment to pop the question, it couldn’t get any more intimate than that!

Romantic bed arrangement with red rose petals and two glasses of champagne on the bed
Sure, you can do It yourself, or you can go on a trip and let a professional take care of it!
In the pic: Romantic decor at Secrets Huatulco


If you are planning to go out for dinner, ask the staff in a very discreet way to hide the ring box inside a dessert, so they bring it automatically after you finish your dinner.

Most restaurants will have something special prepared for this occasion, so half the work is done for you. Also, you will likely get some champagne to toast or some detail, compliments of the restaurant. Ask your partner’s hand and wait for everyone’s reaction. It will surely be a thrilling experience for the crowd!


Cooking for someone else is one of the highest gestures of love. And then, doing the dishes of course! It says I care and I took time and effort in making something delicious for you.

Get the recipe for their favorite dish, grandma’s lemon pie, or auntie’s legendary stew. Set a nice table, open a bottle of wine, and when dessert time comes, say you want to try new recipes with your partner for all the years to come, and put the ring on! How romantic to start your love story with your own recipe book.


If super sentimental dates are not your thing, you can celebrate the day with some close friends or family members. Go on a walk to your favorite park or scenery path. Ask your friend to take some pics and videos of you posing and having fun, just being silly.

When your partner least expects it, get on your knee and get that ring box. It will be a surprising moment that will be captured on camera!

Couple holding each other on a beach with large palm trees
Get spontaneous in front of the camera! Photo credit: Alex Rojas


This is your chance you show your artsy skills! Take a picture of you holding a sign that says “WILL YOU MARRY ME?“. Print it, cut it like a puzzle, and put it in a gift box. Give the box as Valentine’s gift and invite your partner to put the puzzle pieces together.

Once the puzzle is getting complete and the sign reveals, it’s time to do your thing and ask the question. You can frame the picture to save it as a keepsake, it will be a delightful memory!

Some may say it’s super cliche to propose on Valentine’s Day, but who cares?! It’s your relationship, your proposal, and your love story to create.

Just married couple holding each other with a flower bouquet
Get ready to say I DO in paradise! Photo credit: 50mm art studio

How little or big, crowded or intimate you make it, remember to keep the proposal things pleasant in a way you both will cherish in the future, and love to tell again and again to your family and friends. Let us know how you like our Valentines Day proposal ideas and which one you would use!

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