7 Awesome Christmas Proposal Ideas

The most festive season of the year is here! Cute little lights fill the streets, a sweet scent fills the air, crackers decorate the tables, and the cold temperatures set the perfect tone for cuddling with your loved one.

Why not take your relationship to the next level with this romantic and cozy vibe? Don’t know how? We’ll give you some awesome Christmas proposal ideas for an unforgettable marriage proposal!

Let’s find a few easy and romantic ways to propose:

Tree Lighting

You may be going to the Rockefeller Center in NYC, or just staying at your local city’s park tree lighting event, but there surely is something special about people gathering around a glistening Christmas tree and a carols choir. This perfect moment for a true Christmas proposal to remember!

Ice Skating Rink

Set a date to visit your local skating rink for a few spins. When they call for a break, go to the center of the rink with your special other, have them play some meaningful music and that’s it! Take out the diamond ring and pop the question.

The reactions and excitement from the audience would surely melt the ice… I’m getting chills! For this one, you may need a little help from the staff, just go a few days before to request their assistance. They will be glad to help you with this special moment without a doubt!

Mistletoe Proposal

Tradition mandates that a kiss is required when passing beneath the mistletoe. Strategically set a bouquet of this plant around the house and lead your better half around while talking about the future of your relationship. Ask them to look up and when the mistletoe is spotted, quickly get down on one knee and ask the question.

You’ll be guaranteed to end the proposal with a kiss. This is one of our favorite Christmas proposal ideas!

a pic of a mistletoe branch
A bouquet of mistletoe to get that kiss! Pic by Pexels.

Snow Message

If you happen to live in a place where you get a considerable amount of snow, use it in your favor! Ask a friend to help you spell MARRY ME in the snow and to keep an eye on it while you go get your loved one.

Take them in a tranquil promenade and once you get into the spot, BOOM! You will surely get an ”I DO” for an answer! You can also ask some family members to be waiting there for you for a toast in the snow.

Christmas Ornament

If you haven’t finished your Christmas decorations, hide the ring inside a special ornament in the shape of a box, put the message on it, and save it for the very end. When you are almost done decorating the tree, ask your partner to finish with your special ornament.

Once they see the ring, get on one knee and pop the question right next to your beautiful Christmas tree. This can be your first Christmas card as newlyweds!

red and shinny Christmas tree ornaments are great Christmas proposal ideas

Christmas Stocking

Channel your inner Santa Claus and fill the stocking with meaningful gifts to commemorate the highlights of your time together. At the very bottom, put the box with the ring and when they find it, fire the question!

Imagine how cute the pics will look with you in your Christmas pajamas!

Doorstep Queue Cards

Homage one of the most romantic movies and recreate the famous Love Actually scene with the queue cards. Visit your partner and as soon as they open the door play some romantic music, and start passing the cards with your proposal message. Make sure you leave them long enough for them to read.

In the very end, take the little box out of your pocket and get on one knee! You can do it just a little before the Christmas dinner so everyone in the family is already there, maybe someone can help you record that special moment for the wedding video!

What do you think? Are you ready to pop the question this year with these Christmas proposal ideas? Let us know how it went. Don’t have time to do it over Christmas? Get inspired by our New Year’s Eve proposal ideas and end this year as an engaged couple! 

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