What is eloping?

At this moment in time, having a big wedding may not be the best option for everybody, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate a meaningful marriage with your partner.

Have you heard about eloping? Do the names, Romeo and Juliet, ring a bell? Maybe grandma told you about her running away with grandpa, but exactly what is eloping? What to do and don’t? Well, you are about to find out!


gerund or present participle: eloping
run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.

Oxford English Dictionary
Elopement couple kissing on a beach under a veil
An elopement wedding is a story of true passion and love! Photo by Alexandra Berger

Usually, an elopement wedding will only include a symbolic or legal ceremony with the couple and maybe a few other guests, and will not have a reception or any event after, but this is a flexible concept so feel free to do whatever you choose to celebrate.

Beach elopements to a tropical destination are increasingly popular because they let you make a vacation out of it, or combine it with your honeymoon trip.

Not sure if an all-inclusive resort is the right choice for your elopement wedding? Read this!

Once you are back home, you can host a cocktail party or dinner to celebrate with family members and friends, and also share incredible pics and videos of your adventure.

Just married couple looking at each other sitting on a beach getting hit by the waves
Tie the knot in an intimate and romantic fashion. Photo by 50mm Art Studio

Our very own Ivette eloped with her now-husband Sean to wild Oahu in Hawaii and tied the knot at a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains and a tropical forest.

She shares a bit of her experience in planning the perfect elopement wedding. Take advice from a destination wedding expert that planned her own destination wedding. Here are some of her own words (and pics!):

Dos and Don’ts of Elopement Weddings



  • Don’t think you don’t need a budget plan for an elopement wedding. You will surely spend less than a 50-person wedding, but there are still costs that need to be considered. This depends on your vision of your wedding day.
  • Don’t do it if you can’t handle the idea of celebrating this very important day without your friends and family.
  • Don’t overdo social media, it will only mess with your head! It is your special day, do whatever feels right to you and what will make you happy.

Check out our list of do’s and don’ts for a perfect wedding day!

Pros and Cons of an Elopement Wedding


  • Liberty! You can do whatever you want! In our case, we decided on a sunrise ceremony. I had to wake up super early and did my make-up half asleep but, it was worth it! We had time to go kayak to a nearby island, to go for a hike and watch the sunset before calling it a day.
  • Doing an elopement wedding you have more control over the budget and it comes in handy during the honeymoon. We had a longer honeymoon and explored amazing places in Oahu and Maui.
  • Once you know by heart what you want, a little research will take you to the right people. It is easy and stress-free to plan. 


  • Family and friends were missed. I wish I had them close either to help me with my nervous breakdown, give us a hug, or even a tissue for the happy tears.
  • There was no party! I would love to have shared one, or two (maybe three?!) glasses of champagne with my besties but it is what it is. We were lucky enough to have an amazing wedding crew and we have video and great pics of the ceremony we sent to our loved ones.
A meaningful ceremony can answer the question what is eloping
A meaningful ceremony to express your love from the heart

Tips for Eloping

Here are a few extra tips to plan the best elopement wedding, according to our own wedding expert Ivette:

  • Protocols apply only if you want them to. It’s your day, you don’t have to please anybody!
  • Be true and authentic. Plan a day that makes sense for both of you according to your faith, beliefs, and lifestyle.
  • Go wild. This day is something you will cherish for a long time, make it extra special.
  • Be present. The most important thing is to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it.
  • Make a plan. Decide the key elements you want in your day, and then let everything unfold. Be ready for unexpected hiccups as they may happen!
Groom carring her bride after the wedding ceremony on the beach
You too can say I DO in paradise!

So, what is eloping?

It all seems like something out of a classic novel or a romantic movie, but the truth is the concept is very current and is a wonderful way of celebrating your love, your way!

While weddings tend to be big celebrations with lots of guests and months and months of planning, elopement weddings are super intimate events with just the wedding couple or maybe a few attendees.

We all know formal etiquette and pleasing the family can be hard, so an elopement wedding can be a great option to celebrate freely with the love of your life. Ready to start planning your big day? Drop us a line!

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