What to Expect in All-Inclusive resorts post COVID-19?

There is a lot of talk about what will be the new normal after this unprecedented health crisis. How will it affect travel? How will it affect all-inclusive resorts post COVID-19? How will this affect destination weddings?

We have reached out to all the main resorts here in the Cancun area and the Riviera Maya to see what new procedures will be introduced and how they will change your experience.

woman on beach lounger laying next to a parasol

The following is a summary of the main changes that will be established on-site for the majority of the all-inclusive resorts. However, please note that not all resorts will apply exactly the same changes.

We have put a list of links to individual hotel chains and resorts and their implementation. That way, if you want to check what changes will be made at a specific resort you can get it on that list.

Ok, let’s get started! Here are the changes you can expect from your arrival to your departure from an all-inclusive resort post COVID-19.

 disinfecting door handle in all-inclusive resorts post COVID-19


Arrival and Check-in/Check-out

  • A disinfectant mat will be placed at the entrance for guests to sanitize their shoes.
  • Luggage will be disinfected on arrival.
  • Guest temperature will be taken with a no-contact thermometer
  • Online check-in through a phone app to limit contact when possible.
covid 19 prevention check list

Public Areas

  • Limited amount of people permitted in the elevator at the same time.
  • Antibacterial gel dispensers throughout the resort
  • Signs or floor markers to indicate the proper distance between guests/staff.
  • Furniture separated further apart
  • High-frequency areas and touchpoints (door handles, faucets, phones, railings, etc) will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently
  • Deep cleaning and Electrostatic spray every day.
blue cleaning products including gloves, sponges, spray and brushes


  • Guests can choose a privacy option to ensure that employees will not enter the room during the stay and that all room services will be delivered to the door.
  • Strict cleaning and disinfection of all rooms and touchpoints.
  • Individually wrapped amenities.
  • Anti-Covid amenity kits in the room including facemasks, gloves, and disinfecting spray. (Not mandatory to use)
gloved hands disinfecting remote

Food and Beverages

  • Maximum capacity at bars and restaurants will be reduced and tables are positioned further apart.
  • Assisted service at the buffet with employees serving at the buffet counters.
  • Social distancing protocol to control the number of guests in restaurants, bars, and waiting areas.
  • Individual portions and wrapped products will be prioritized.
  • Room service menu will be larger when available and can be left at the door or in a secret box upon request. Meals will be individually wrapped.
  • Online reservations through app to limit contact

Pools and Beach

  • Loungers and beds are placed 5-6 feet apart in pairs.
  • Swim-up bar seats are marked to ensure social distancing
  • Full disinfection of all chairs and areas at the end of every day
woman with wide brimmed hat leaning on the side of a swimming pool

Fitness Centers

  • The machine and all equipment are cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Wipes and hand gel are available for guests’ use.

Kids Club and Teen’s Club

  • Kid’s temperature taken at the beginning of each day.
  • Spaces are limited and available for reservation ahead of time.
  • Social distancing applied by employees.
boy and girl playing in the ocean

Hotel Employees

  • Up to date Training on Sanitizing and Social Distancing procedures.
  • Face masks and gloves will be required for employees in addition to social distancing
  • Employee’s temperature is to be taken at the beginning of every shift.
  • Additional Medical employees on site.

Destination Weddings in All-inclusive Resorts post COVID-19

How will destination weddings be affected after COVID?

So how will all this affect destination weddings? After all, most are large gatherings in close quarters.

groom with face mask kissing bride's hand

Well, the good news is that most destination weddings occur outdoors, where it is possible and easier to spread things out!

Here are 10 changes that will affect destination weddings post COVID.

1 – Ceremony, Cocktail and Reception Layout

Chairs and tables will be spread further apart. Some hotels are seating 6 guests per table rather than the usual 8-10. Most resorts offer this option as optional, you can still choose the standard setup. Here are some sample set-ups.

social distancing chair layout for destination wedding ceremony

2 – Event Locations Sanitized

All locations will be sanitized between events.

3- Service Staff Protocols

All service staff will have their health monitored, will wear masks, and will follow all hotel health and safety protocols.

taking an employees temperature

4 – Food and Beverages

Buffets will be replaced with family-style options which will be served by the hotel staff, not self-service. Plated service will remain the same. Cutlery will be wrapped in napkins or plastic.

5 – Hand Sanitizer for guests

Hand sanitizing stations will be the norm and readily available for all guests.

scrabble letters spelling wash me on someone's hands

6- DJ & Dancing

Distancing will be discouraged (NOT for bride and groom) but cannot be enforced.

7 – Printed Material is to be avoided

Printed menus, programs, etc are to be avoided.

8 – Outside Vendors

Some hotels are considering eliminating outside vendors but this has not yet been determined. Outside vendors will have to have their temperature taken when accessing the hotel and wear a facemask, as well as following other safety protocols.

9 – DIY Decor

Some hotels are considering eliminating the option of bringing your own decor. This has not yet been confirmed. Please contact your wedding coordinator for more information and confirmation based on your wedding date and the individual hotel policies

10 – Corona

YES, you can still have Corona beer if the hotel has it available. Very sad that it is now a taboo word 😀

hand holding corona beer

Certification and Sanitation Standards

In order to reassure future guests about the sanitation process and the measures are taken, most of the resort chains are getting some kind of certification to prove the steps they are taking towards and getting audited by third-party companies to see that they comply with the standards.

Two of the main ones are:

Resort Policy Links

Here are the main changes that will be implemented at the moment in the all-inclusive resorts and Cancun Airport. Of course, they are bound to be updated as time goes by and we will make sure to stay on top of it and amend this list when it does.

First of all, here are the sanitary protocols for Cancun Airport.


Please find below the list of all available resort’s official documentation or video presentation on Post COVID-19 procedures:

amr resorts infographic


We hope that this guide has helped you understand some of the changes that will affect your post COVID destination wedding or vacation.

Do you have questions or doubts? Please comment below or get in touch. Our team is here and happy to help.


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