I am an energetic person that enjoys traveling, theater and meeting new dogs. I love giving advice about trips and it makes me happy to imagine the wonderful time that people will have.

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About Ursula Rosas
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English & Spanish
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico, originally from Mexico City
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Why do I love my job?
I love helping people when it comes to traveling. Searching for new places to visit, resorts to stay and restaurants where you can have wonderful food is one of my biggest passions. Hola Weddings combines two of the most enjoyable moments in life: paradise-like places and love. Knowing that I am able to be part of that wonderful experience by helping people with the coordination of their wedding trip is amazing. Besides, the office environment is more than delightful.
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
All of the scenarios that you can find when it comes to Destination Weddings: the calm of the ocean, the colors in the sky, the birds flying around and the breeze blowing while you say "I do", is priceless.
When I’m not working, you can find me….
At home doing homework, hanging around with my loved ones, watching tv, resting at the beach, drinking a few beers or sleeping in my bed.