A Complete Guide to Weddings at Dreams Las Mareas

Tropical Oasis. If that sounds like the background you imagine when planning your destination wedding, then read our complete guide to a Dreams Las Mareas Wedding to find out if this Dreams resort is the best location for you.

Top 10 things to know about Dreams Las Mareas

Beach Expectations

The beach is dark sand and dark water. Very exotic! The beach is short, if you dream of long walks on the beach, this is not the one for you.

Depending on the season, the ocean may have jellyfish and other not-so-desirable creatures, but daily activities like kayaking are available so you can still take advantage of the beautiful sea. The sand is dark and dusty – any long dress will get dirty at the bottom.

That said, you can count on gorgeous sunsets for the ultimate wedding pictures.

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Nature is everywhere.

The grounds are spectacular with the amount of flowers and vegetation. During the day, you can always hear a variety of birds and even howler monkeys in the distance.

I did not see any monkeys on the site but apparently, they are quite commonly seen on the grounds. In the evening, there are a variety of noises from insects and frogs. Take a listen

Dreams is Family friendly

Dreams is a family-friendly hotel. With a kids club available daily for kids 3-12. They have a wide variety of activities including a campout, are open until 10 pm for those parents needing a well-deserved uninterrupted meal, and they provide pagers to parents so you can relax while your kids enjoy their playtime.

The upper pool does have an impressive water slide to keep your older kids (and many adults) happy and occupied in that area, and there is a children’s shallow pool area for those with younger ones.

The Core Teen’s club is open for adolescents that want to hang out with other kids their age and get away from their very annoying parents (I have a teen, and I have been told how annoying we are….)

teen club are with ping pong, pool tables and other activities at the dreams las mareas hotel
Core Teens Club, cell phone image

Adults only options

They do have an adults-only pool in the middle of the property for those guests needing a little adults-only time.

In addition, the Portofino Italian restaurant, which is available for dinner, is for adults only. After dinner, you can head to the Rendezvous bar for drinks.

pool area at dusk at dreams las mareas

Dreams Las Mareas Location

You are really in a remote area, with not much close by. That said, there are a ton of excursions and adventures to be had.

Don’t forget any basics!

Due to its remote location, try not to forget any basics. The gift shop is fully stocked and really quite impressive. With everything from souvenirs, snacks, books, games, and hygiene products – you will find what you need. However, as with any hotel gift shop, the prices are very inflated ($30USD for a bottle of sunscreen).

The resort very spread out

Get ready to work off those cocktails and desserts. The resort grounds are gorgeous, but things are quite spread out and on a bit of an incline. There is the upper pool area and the lower pool area. They are named this way for a reason. That said, the walk is beautiful and it is easy to get around, but you must be prepared to walk.

aerial view of the dreams las mareas resort in costa rica
photo courtesy of Dreams Resort

Rooms have an open bathroom area

The rooms have an open floor plan concept. There is a curtain you can pull between the bathroom area and bedroom area, but it can lack a sense of privacy if you are traveling with a friend or someone you don’t know intimately.

No Smoking

Costa Rican law prohibits smoking in public areas, therefore you can’t smoke on the grounds. Anywhere. There are not even any designated smoking spots. Head to the beach, or out the front lobby to the street.

Dreams Las Mareas Hotel Information:

Rooms: 447 in 11 different room categories:
Family Friendly: YES, includes a kids club and teen zone
Pet-Friendly: YES, the Dreams does accept dogs of up to 22 lbs. (10kg). Restrictions apply
Room Service: Yes, 24 hours
Wi-Fi: yes, and free calls with the AM Resorts Unlimited Connectivity App
Restaurants:7 restaurants (dietary restrictions are respected, they can adapt to gluten-free, vegan, etc.)
Bars: 7 bars
Cafe: 1 cafe with Costa Rican coffee options and snacks, open 24 hours
Nightclub: yes, open daily
Spa: yes
Beauty Salon: yes, including a bridal suite
Fitness Center: yes, open daily
Pools: several, including the largest in the Guanacaste region and an adults-only pool
Water Sports: are available at the beach and include kayaks

Dreams Las Mareas Location

The Dreams is in an isolated location, with the closest town being the tiny El Jobo. Leaving the hotel site is possible, but there really isn’t much around.

The easiest way to see the surrounding area is with the hotel bicycle tour which is offered almost daily. During 90 minutes you get the cycle to the El Jobo town, taking in the sights and getting to see the ‘real’ Costa Rica.

That said, there are a ton of activities in the area and many bucket list items!

Within 30 minutes drive of two of Costa Rica’s national parks: Santa Rosa, the first-ever national park in Costa Rica, and the Guanacaste National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, that borders two volcanoes and boasts 140 species of mammals, over 300 birds, and hundreds of amphibians, reptiles and insect species.

waterfall in the mountains of costa rica

Neighboring areas are the perfect backdrop for adventurous travelers as many adrenaline activities range from zip lines to white water rafting and canopy tours including rappelling.

Visit volcanoes and hot springs, hike through the rainforest, horseback ride in the picturesque hills, bird watching, and discover various species of flora and fauna (monkeys!).

Many couples are now offering a group experience rather than a welcome cocktail or even wedding favors. Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica offers a slew of activities to please the adventurous and curious traveler.

Dreams Las Mareas Wedding Venues

There are not very many private wedding venue locations for weddings at Dreams Las Mareas. However, they have a wide variety of options, all with stunning backdrops and interesting surroundings. This hotel has an astounding amount of options to suit every taste.

Every outdoor option allows for the event to take place up until 10:30 pm.

Afterward, guests are invited to continue the fiesta at the Desires nightclub. If you want an event that will allow you to party until the wee hours, the ballroom is available.

All of the following venues require a backup location in case of inclement weather.

Beach Wedding Venues

The beach offers two locations. Keep in mind the beach is public (like in many countries) and therefore the hotel cannot guarantee that there will not be any other people in the surrounding area.

That said, we often worry about having strangers around and when it comes down to it, you will only have eyes for each other and the photographers are excellent at taking only the shots that will include you and your guests.

La Arboleada Beach Wedding Venue

Off to the left-hand side of the beach area, under a lovely patch of trees.
Capacity:300 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet service available as of 50 guests

Santa Helena Beach Wedding Venue

On the right-hand side of the beach.
Capacity: 200 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet service available as of 50 – 200 guests or plated for up to 60 guests

Wedding Gazebo

The wedding gazebo is located in the middle of the pool, and beachfront.
Capacity:40 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet or plated for up to 20 guests

Water Mirror Pool

Right next to the very top level of the upper pool. A platform jutting out over the pool can be installed for the ceremony. Cocktail hour and reception in the stone area.
Capacity: 150 guests
Menu option: Buffet for up to 150 guests

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Dreams Las Mareas Terrace

Located off the back of the building next to the ballroom area. Quite private.
Capacity:80 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet or plated for up to 80 guests

Dreams Las Mareas Courtyard

Located on the main buffet level in the courtyard near the Coco Cafe and Rendezvous Bar.
Capacity: 120 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet or plated for up to 80 guests

courtyard area outside the ballrooms at the dreams hotel in costa rica

Rendezvous Terrace

Located right outside the Rendezvous bar in the main restaurant building on the upper level.
Capacity:30 guests
Can also accommodate: cocktail hour and dinner
Menu option: Buffet or plated for up to 30 guests

Dreams Las Mareas cocktail hour & reception venues

La Cava (wine cellar) Extra Cost

There is one located inside the Portofino restaurant.
Capacity:10 guests
Menu option: 7 plated courses for up to 10 guests
The minimum cost is $750. However, that $750 amount can be exchanged for equal amounts of wine bottles from the cellar.
There is also a smaller location right outside the restaurant that can be used for 2-4 people.

wine cellar room for private dinners at dreams la mareas

Rooftop Wedding Venue

This is the rooftop area above the Seaside grill restaurant. The restaurant will remain open, however, the rooftop area is private (and gorgeous). No elevator, but they do have a wheelchair lift up the stairs.
Capacity:80 guests
Menu option: Buffet or plated for up to 80 guests

rooftop area set for a wedding reception with string lights and crossback wooden chairs

Royal Palm Tree Terrace

Patio Terrace area with a large grassy patch, Located between the main restaurant level and pool level.
Capacity: 300 guests
Menu option: Buffet for up to 300 guests.

Lobby Garden

Grassy area right outside the lobby overlooking the grounds.
Capacity:450 guests
Menu option: Buffet for up to 450 guests

Back-Up Wedding Venue Locations

There are two backup locations at the Dreams Las Mareas for weddings in case of inclement weather. Depending on your group size, you have the following two options.

Beach Palapa

This is located off to the left-hand side of the beach. This can be used for the ceremony and the reception
Capacity: 40 guests
Menu option: Buffet for up to 40 guests


There are several ballrooms and sections available and depending on your group size, the wedding team will assign the best one.
Capacity:450 guests
Menu option: Buffet for up to 450 guests

back up wedding location Dreams Las Mareas ballroom
Photo courtesy of Dreams Resorts

As you can see, there are numerous options of location for weddings at the Dreams Las Mareas. I hope that this complete guide to weddings at Dreams Las Mareas is helpful.

Still have questions about weddings at Dreams las Mareas? Leave your comment below or contact me.

Did you get married at the Dreams Las Mareas resort? Do you have any destination wedding planning tips for future couples? Please share your wisdom!

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