What Is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding takes place in a setting away from the couple’s home city, offering a charming and idyllic atmosphere for the exchange of vows in an elopement or surrounded by family and friends. Typically, these weddings are set in exotic locations, perhaps in a foreign country or along a stunning beachfront.

Destination weddings combine thrilling experiences, intimate moments, and breathtaking scenery, making them a standout choice over traditional weddings.

A destination wedding is a fantastic way to bring two families together, transforming a single day’s celebration into an unforgettable multi-day adventure. It’s a chance for everyone to connect and create lasting bonds, all while enjoying amazing surroundings, whether it’s a beach resort, a historic town, or a countryside retreat.

These shared days of fun activities, meals, and preparations turn the wedding into an exciting group vacation, knitting the families into one united group. This not only makes the wedding more memorable but also lays the foundation for strong, enduring relationships between the families.

Let’s dive into the meanings and implications of destination weddings:

Why More Couples Choose Destination Weddings?

Increasingly, couples are gravitating towards destination weddings, seeking not just a ceremony but an unforgettable experience. These weddings blend romance, adventure, and breathtaking backdrops, from sun-kissed beaches to historic European cities.

They offer a chance to break free from the conventional, providing a unique setting that reflects the couple’s personality and style. This shift is about more than just a location change; it’s a move towards more personalized, memorable celebrations.

just married couple first dance with guests around with sparklers
A destination wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate in a unique setting.

Destination weddings also create an opportunity for couples and their guests to enjoy a mini vacation. This extended celebration turns into a bonding experience, where families and friends engage in group activities, explore new cultures, and create lasting memories together.

The allure of experiencing a new destination adds excitement, making the wedding not just a day but a memorable journey. For the couple, it’s a chance to start their married life with an extraordinary adventure, making their special day even more significant.

Select the perfect destination wedding resort with our easy tips and suggestions!

It is possible to have a legal marriage ceremony that will be recognized in your home country. However, it does involve more steps, time, and money. Therefore, most people decide to have a symbolic ceremony and do the legal marriage ceremony at home.

Selecting a symbolic ceremony for a destination wedding often comes down to a matter of simplicity. While respecting the local culture and laws to get legally married abroad or have a formal religious officiant perform a valid service is possible, it introduces more complex logistics.

mayan beach wedding ceremony with prehispanic characters and a chaman
Local authentic wedding ceremonies are a great way to experience local culture in a sacred love ritual.

Foreign marital regulations, international paperwork, translating documents, coordinating qualified wedding officiants across borders – these administrative tasks can overwhelm romantic wedding visions.

In contrast, a symbolic service focused on a celebration resonates with couples wanting hassle-free nuptials that speak personally to their love story. Even if family or friends want formal recognition back home, a symbolic destination wedding emphasizes cherished traditions meaningful to the couple first and foremost.

The flexibility liberates couples to craft unique vow exchanges and have a less traditional wedding ceremony. While legal rights can still be pursued pre or post-ceremony, a symbolic wedding celebration centers on what matters most first – consecrating the couple’s love before family and friends.

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Variety of Wedding Locations

Finding the perfect spot for your dream destination wedding is half the fun. There are countless stunning locations that will leave you breathless. With budget consideration aside, everything is possible. Future newlyweds can decide to have their ceremony in a Tropical paradise, historic or cultural city, rustic retreat, or even a magical Castle. The world is your oyster.

One of the most popular options is to host your wedding in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean. It is a very convenient way to host multiple wedding events such as a ceremony, cocktail hour, a wedding reception, and even a rehearsal dinner and after-wedding brunch. All this can be located within one resort complex at a variety of different locations.

Here is a partial overview of the different types of venues available for a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort:

  1. Tropical Garden: Enjoy nature’s embrace with a ceremony in a lush tropical garden. Surrounded by vibrant flora and exotic scents, it’s a picturesque spot for a serene ceremony or a lively cocktail hour.
  2. Ocean Front Gazebo: Exchange vows in an elegant gazebo overlooking the ocean. Stunning views and soothing sea breezes create a romantic setting for your ceremony or a charming space for an intimate reception.
  3. Sky Terrace: Elevate your celebration on a sky terrace with panoramic views. Ideal for a breathtaking ceremony or a starlit reception, it offers a unique and memorable venue high above the rest.
  4. Beach: Say ‘I do’ with your toes in the sand on a pristine beach. Perfect for a dreamy ceremony or a fun, relaxed cocktail hour, the beach setting ensures a beautiful backdrop of waves and sometimes even sunset.
  5. Over the Water: Opt for an extraordinary over-the-water venue. With clear flooring on top of a pool, this trendy and unique setting delivers an unforgettable experience for a ceremony or reception.

These are just a few of the main options available. It’s not just about the stunning views but also the incredible experiences and cherished memories you’ll create. Find a spot that resonates with your unique style and personality, and watch as your destination wedding unfolds into an extraordinary celebration.

Destination Wedding Costs and Financial Advantages

Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings don’t have to break the bank. Many resorts offer complete wedding packages that cover everything from the ceremony to the reception, making it a cost-effective choice. You’ll be surprised at how affordable and luxurious these weddings can be.

Destination weddings aren’t just extravagant affairs for the rich and famous. In fact, they can be a savvy financial move that puts more money back in your pocket, and with some expert tips, you can easily cut down costs and expenses!

beautiful wedding reception setup in a garden of luxurious grand velas riviera nayaring resort
With proper planning, you can have a gorgeous wedding without making financial sacrifices.

Here are 3 reasons why destination weddings can be more financially sensible than traditional weddings:

  1. Lower overall costs – The cost per guest at a destination wedding is typically lower since you’ll have a smaller guest list. Also, many all-inclusive venues offer wedding packages that bundle things like food, drinks, cake, flowers, etc. This can save substantially over pricing things out individually.
  2. Built-in honeymoon – Many destination weddings take place at beaches, resorts, or other vacation-type spots. This allows the wedding to double as a honeymoon trip, saving the cost of paying for a separate honeymoon vacation after the wedding.
  3. Lower stress planningWedding planners and coordinators are normally included with a destination wedding package. This allows couples to reduce time-consuming planning. And we all know that time is money!

Worried about destination wedding costs? Here’s a list of the best 25 wedding packages under $10,000 USD!

Tips and Resources for Planning

Planning a destination wedding requires some additional coordination compared to traditional venues closer to home. Online resources like us at holaweddings.com share tips for organizing fabulous tropical events from scratch.

We recommend starting by picking a handful of prospective geographic regions or all-inclusive resorts that catch your fancy based on priorities like scenic views, venue capacity, wedding package inclusions, average costs, travel accessibility for guests, and seasonal weather/pricing. Once you narrow down your preferences, reputable destination wedding travel agents become invaluable partners in assessing venues you are considering more closely.

Hola weddings team of Destination wedding travel agents and experts
We are here for you!

A seasoned Travel agent guides you through contrasting and recommending wedding package options, group room block reservations, and other pertinent planning facets tailored to the wedding couple’s vision. The beauty of collaborating with Hola Weddings is we offer both online advice and on-the-ground travel agent support ensuring no stone goes unturned to curate a signature destination wedding simplified for you and fabulous for beloved guests in attendance!

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