Prehispanic Wedding Package

By Hotel Xcaret Mexico
$ 3680 USD
Guests Included
Ceremony Types
Mayan - Multicultural - Same Sex - Symbolic
Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Hotel Xcaret Mexico

México, Riviera Maya
High end family friendly resort with a mexican feel with beautiful venues such as a chapel and cave.

About Prehispanic Wedding Package

Complement your wedding experience with a spiritual wedding ceremony. Bond your marriage with the blessing of a real shaman on a striking and meaningful ritual to the elements and mother earth.


Price Description
$3680 USD Regular Price. Taxes included

* Most up to date prices provided by the resorts and subject to change at any time

What is included?

Prehispanic wedding staff: 1 priest, 2 smokers, 1 musician, 1 goddes Ixchel, 1 God Itzamna
Assembly for prehispanic wedding: props and
Flower arrangement for the altar ambience of the space (4 cauldrons, small cauldron, flowers, standing torches, table of jiles for priest, lecs and bules for the offerings
Prehispanic live music
Abust like sculpture of the goddess Ixchel
Flower crowns and wreath

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