Encanto Legal Ceremony

By La Casa de la Playa
$ 6200 USD
Guests Included
Ceremony Types
Mayan - Multicultural - Same Sex - Symbolic
La Casa de la Playa

La Casa de la Playa

México, Riviera Maya
La Casa de la Playa, lulled by the silence of the rainforest and the soft waves of the Caribbean Sea, provides the best ambiance for a magic and luxury wedding.

About Encanto Legal Ceremony

Ideal option for intimate weddings, just for the couple or a small group of guests.


Price Description
$6200 USD Package Price. Apostille not included.

* Most up to date prices provided by the resorts and subject to change at any time

What is included?

Personalized attention from a wedding coordinator
Clothes ironing, maximum 2
Prenuptial examination
Venue for the ceremony
Judge service to officiate the ceremony
Special gazebo by the selected hotel
Table for the ceremony
Flower arrangement for ceremony table
Set up with chairs
Audio and microphone for the ceremony
Personal flowers (Bouquet and / or boutinniere, maximum 2 pieces)
Soloist music for the ceremony (45min max.)
Toast with sparkling wine after the ceremony service
Restaurant dinner reservation
Romantic amenity on the wedding night
Romantic breakfast the morning after the ceremony
Other Inclusions
Personalized gift
Complementary 4th night certificate on the first anniversary

Extra costs to consider

Additional entertainment
Photo or video services


  • The marrying couple and the total of guests must stay at the hotel where the ceremony is held
  • Package available for a minimum of 2 people
  • 12 guests maximum at La Casa de la Playa, including the couple
  • Venue for the ceremony and restaurant option are assigned based on the availability and capacity of the selected hotel
  • The ceremony service is available in Spanish and English, translation service for ceremonies to other languages will incur additional costs
  • Set menu options from the restaurant will offered for 10 + guests groups
  • Gazebo, floral arrangement, personal flowers and chair setup vary depending on the selected hotel

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