Catholic Wedding Package

By Hotel Xcaret Mexico
$ 2185 USD
Guests Included
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Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Hotel Xcaret Mexico

México, Riviera Maya
High end family friendly resort with a mexican feel with beautiful venues such as a chapel and cave.

About Catholic Wedding Package

Complement your wedding experience with a Catholic ceremony in a dramatic church on top of a mountain, with impressive views of the beach, mangroves, and to the beautiful property.

This venue is only available to perform Catholic ceremonies.


Price Description
$2185 USD Regular Price. Taxes included

* Most up to date prices provided by the resorts and subject to change at any time

What is included?

Chapel with air conditioning
Microphone for Priest and readings
Flower arrangement for the altar

Extra costs to consider

Priest celebration is not included


  • The couple should contact directly for the delivery of documentation and procedures, as well as cover the corresponding fees
  • The couple must complete the requirements of the Catholic Church in order to have a ceremony

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