Mom to a teenager, toddler & several dogs, wife-that-tries-really-hard, Pilates-enthusiast, spa-lover and master-wedding-specialist-extraordinaire! At your service…

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About Lisa Wright
Years of experience
Spoken languages
English, French, Spanish
Current Location
Playa del Carmen, Mexico, originally from Montreal, Canada
Joined the team
Know me better
Why do I love my job?
I get to help my couples at some of the happiest moments of their lives, and be a small part of some of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make. Love is fun and exciting, to be able to be surrounded by that is an honour.
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
I love the fact that in addition to the main event, you are creating a vacation experience for your loved ones where they have the chance to experience another culture, an amazing adventure, and make their own memories that will last a lifetime.
When I’m not working, you can find me….
Spending time with my kids and hubby, walking dogs, at Pilates, at the spa or sleeping. And, I spend an insane amount of time in and out of the hotels we are selling to get the scoop.
What hotels do I love selling?
Hmmmm. This is not about what I love selling (although I do have favorites). This is about the right property for my couple.
Why am I the right agent to guide you?
Because planning is wedding is stressful enough as it is. Plus, I have a slew of contacts and am very resourceful!
Why am I the right agent to help your group?
I have an incredible team behind me that will make the impossible seem effortless. Coordinating travel for groups is what we excel at!