I’m a forest-mountain lover living on the beach and enjoying it. I’m a curious person always waiting for mind-blowing new things to learn. Home decor enthusiast. My super powers: empathic, easy friend maker, organized and creative.

Contact Information
About Halina Gonzalez
Years of experience
Spoken languages
Spanish, English & French
Current Location
Playa del Carmen, Mexico, originally from Puebla, Mexico
Joined the team
Know me better
Why do I love my job?
A wedding is a lifetime memory. I'm really happy to be part of it and make it easy and enjoyable for those who decided to tie the knot.
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
Who wouldn't love to be invited to one? Vacation in an amazing destination with family and friends + a celebration party = Perfect Plan !
When I’m not working, you can find me….
At home in a cozy friends reunion, doing some crafts, watching TV with my hubby and dogs. Or out with friends in an adventure.
What hotels do I love selling?
Anything with a nice beach and a pool bar. What else would you need?