Veronique Fincken

Destination Wedding Specialist
Born and raised in the Netherlands. In 2004 I had the opportunity to do an internship in a different country for my tourism and hotel management degree. I chose Mexico because I wanted to learn Spanish and explore a different side of life. I fell in love with the bright colors, delicious food, captivating music and culture, warm climate and a handsome Mexican guy so after I finished my study, I decided to settle here. I worked at a luxurious All-Inclusive hotel for 8 years, being responsible for newly weds and wedding couples that were getting married at the hotel. After I became a mom, I decided to leave the hotel industry and started working at a receptive travel agency that organizes round trips through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala where I worked for nearly 9 years. The most that I have loved in all these years is to help other people, seeing them happy and putting big smiles on their faces. After 17 years, I am still with the same handsome guy, having two boys and very happy with my choice of having moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico where any given free time feels like a vacation. Now I just started working at Hola Weddings and my goal is to share my extensive experience and enthusiasm and make your wedding experience a beautiful one! Hasta Pronto!
Spoken Languages:
Dutch, German, English & Spanish
Current Position:
Playa del Carmen, Mexico, originally from the Netherlands
Years of experience:
Joined the team:
Why do I love my job?
Helping people has always been something that I really like and what just comes naturally. In my opinion there isn't anything better than helping people plan their wedding of their dreams!
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
The countdown, daydreaming and excitement already before travelling. Nothing better than getting married in paradise and spending quality time with family members and friends who have decided to join you. You will be creating memories that last forever!
When I’m not working, you can find me….
At the sport activities of my two sons, visiting and helping my parents who also moved here 9 years ago (but don´t speak a word Spanish) or enjoying the beautiful beaches, cenotes, islands and hotels in this area.
The kind of clients I tend to work with…
Anyone from anywhere in the world. My clients are friends that I just haven't met yet.
What hotels do I love selling?
This is not about me. This is all about you and finding the perfect wedding location for your special day. With my honest opinion and knowledge I am sure we will be able to find the hotel that suits you and your family best!
Why am I the right agent to guide you with your big event?
I think that planning a wedding should be a rewarding, memorable experience, not a bunch of hoops to jump through, boring forms to fill out, slow communication and hidden fees to jump through. My goal for you is to keep daydreaming and then live that dream on your BIG day together with all your loved ones and without you having to worry too much.
Why am I the right agent to help your group?
First of all I am super organized with attention to details. I try to help people in a way that I wanted to be helped myself when I was planning my own wedding. With my honesty and knowledge and the help of my wonderful team members, you will be happy you have chosen Hola Weddings!