Rosy Chuc

Executive Assistant (the glue that holds us all together!)
I graduated in Tourism and began my career as a trainee and soon became a customer service agent. Not long afterward, I was promoted to work in the commercial areas. I am very happy to be working at Hola Weddings, with a strong team, giving the best of ourselves and seeking continual improvement, learning new things that help us grow.
Spoken Languages:
Spanish, a little English and a little Mayan
Current Position:
Cancun, Mexico, originally from Cancun
Years of experience:
Joined the team:
Why do I love my job?
I love my work, because I am so fortunate to share a piece of the Mexican Caribbean with all visitors and I am so happy to help to find the best options for your special day.
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
It makes me happy to know that we are part of the process, part of the Big Day, part of the Happy Ending!
When I’m not working, you can find me….
In a restaurant or bar with my friends celebrating anything, in the kitchen trying to cook, on the beach, in my house reading a book or with my family.