riley wright, mexican street mutt

Riley Wright-Lanno

Official Noise Maker
Master negotiation professional using my baby blues to get belly rubs, food scraps and ongoing love. Don't let my angelic face trick you, if you hear any barking in the background, I am the instigator.
Spoken Languages:
English, Spanish, French and bacon.
Current Position:
Noise Maker
Years of experience:
Joined the team:
Why do I love my job?
I get to spend the day jumping from lap to lap and if I am lucky I get my belly rubbed.
Why do I bark so much?
Why not? When I make noise, the rest of the dogs start barking and it makes me feel bigger than I actually am.
When I’m not working, you can find me….
Sucking up to anyone that will feed me or rub my belly. It's all about priorities.