jeff lanno wedding travel agent

Jeff Lanno

Managing Partner
Having worked in travel agencies for the past 15+ years, this morphed into managing groups and wedding groups. Travel is my passion. I backpacked the world for 7 years in my 20s and now keep going as much as family life permits it! I visited more than 35 countries (so far), 4 continents (so far) and lived in 6 countries (so far). My goal is to make the travel and destination wedding experience a beautiful and a memorable experience. I love helping people discover new places and experience new things. I can work with people from the USA and Canada, and I am a legally certified Canadian travel agent with an OPC licence from Qc.
Spoken Languages:
French, English and Spanish
Current Position:
Playa del Carmen, Mexico originally from Amos, Canada
Years of experience:
Joined the team:
Why do I love my job?
I get to spend time with people planning some of the happiest moment of their life. I truly love travel and finding the best places for people's weddings and vacations.
What do I like best about Destination Weddings?
It brings people together in an heavenly setting. It can take a lot of the stress away from the organizers. It also always makes for a fantastic party, plus no one has to worry about driving home after! ;)
What is your favorite destination?
That's a tough one. I love all of them but I would have to say Mexico since I live here now! I love the culture, the food, the beaches plus the people are kind, helpful and fun.
When I’m not working, you can find me….
If you can even find me not working…I’ll be travelling. If am at home, I'll be doing sports or at least watching sports, trying to grow vegetables or reading. I also love anything with the Ocean whether swimming, fishing or boating.
The kind of Clients I tend to work with…
Anyone fun. There’s no reason you can’t take the business side of what we are doing deadly seriously…while at the same time not taking yourself too seriously.
Why am I the right agent to guide you for your destination wedding?
Because I know and have seen the place first hand. I care about making it a great event and trip for you and your guests. I have worked with many different couples and I listen to what they want. I love finding the perfect places for people.
Why am I the right agent to book your group?
Because we have an incredible team behind me that will make the impossible seem effortless. We have the knowledge and the know how to get it done.