Destination Wedding Travel Agent: Everything Couples Need to Know

Destination wedding travel agent Lisa Wright with her bride

Key Takeways

  • Destination wedding travel agents will help choose the best resort and packages for wedding groups.
  • It does not cost more to use a travel agent.
  • Destination wedding travel agents make their money through commissions from tour operators.
  • A Destination Wedding travel agent focuses primarily on the logistics of travel and accommodations.
  • A Destination Wedding planner focuses on the wedding event. 

How can a destination wedding travel agent help couples plan an all-Inclusive resort wedding?

Destination wedding travel agents will provide expertise and guidance, in selecting the best destination wedding packages and resorts according to the couple’s vision and budget. 

They are specially trained, have great resources, and know the destinations, resorts, wedding packages, and wedding locations to help you find the best venues for the couple and their guest.

Destination wedding Travel agents have industry contacts that make it easier for them to reach resorts and solve issues. Bride and grooms often feel overwhelmed with the options available.A wedding travel specialist’s job is to know those options and help couples select the best ones based on their group’s needs.

They will take care of all the reservations and answer any guest questions about the location, resort, possible room upgrades, and airport transfers as well as help with any changes and/or problems related to the travel portion of the event. They can also jump in and contact the wedding department at the resort if needed. 

Time is a precious commodity and managing everyone’s questions and expectations when it comes to travel plans can be very tedious. A destination wedding travel agent is a key part of the wedding squad and will take care of all those time-consuming questions so couples can concentrate on the most important part of this journey, the wedding!

Will it Cost me more to use a Destination Wedding Travel agent?

Destination wedding travel agents do not cost more than booking directly with an all-inclusive resort for couples or their guests.

Certain travel agencies or agents can charge a fee for using their services but the cost for the resort itself or the wedding packages stays the same whether you book through a destination wedding travel agent or directly through the property. 

More often than not, you will end up with better rates and benefits, such as free rooms and upgrades, flight rebates, and more when reserving your group travel through a travel agency and tour operators’ promotions. 

Custom made Maracas as a perk from a Destination Wedding Travel Agent
Hola Weddings offers couples free custom-made maracas as one of their perks.

How do Destination Wedding Travel Agents Make Money?

Destination wedding travel agents typically earn money through two revenue streams:

  • Commission from Suppliers: Travel agents receive commissions from airlines, hotels, resorts, tour operators, and other travel suppliers when they book travel arrangements on behalf of their clients. These commissions are typically a percentage of the total booking value and vary depending on the supplier and the volume of business the travel agent generates. This does not increase the customer’s rate. 

  • Service Fees: In addition to commissions, a travel specialist may charge service fees for planning a destination wedding to cover the time and expertise required to plan and coordinate complex travel arrangements. Travel Experts do not get paid until the group has traveled which can mean working for free if a cancellation arises. Service fees can vary based on the level of service provided, the complexity of the wedding plans, and the specific needs of the clients.

What is the difference between a travel agent and a wedding planner?

A destination wedding travel agent specializes in the logistics of travel for your wedding, such as finding ideal resorts, securing accommodations, and arranging transportation.

They are experts in group bookings and romance travel and will ensure a great travel experience for the wedding couple and their guests. Their services are often free of charge.

A wedding planner focuses more on the details of the wedding itself. They can be seen as a project manager for the event. They will coordinate everything from venue selection and vendor selection to the execution on the big day, with the couple’s preferred style and preferences in mind.

They are especially useful for off-site weddings as they will help direct people to the transportation and venue and will coordinate with the venue and vendors for a flawless event.

They provide a personalized service, starting their work immediately upon engagement and continuing to assist up to the wedding day, offering peace of mind and a highly customized experience. Their services come with a fee and will be a complimentary add-on to the onsite wedding coordinator. 

Destination wedding travel agent Ivette Riquelme visiting with Armony Luxury Resort

How to find a Travel Agent for a Destination wedding?

The relationship between the wedding group and their agent usually lasts for close to a year so it is important to choose the one that is the right “fit”.

Make sure they specialize in Destination wedding planning and honeymoon travel.

Look for someone responsive and communicative; you can gauge this by their promptness in your initial interactions. Ensure they are willing to accommodate your specific desires and make your vision a priority, rather than pushing their preferences. 

Facebook groups dedicated to destination weddings can be a good place to start. These communities are rich with recommendations and insights from those who’ve gone through the process. Here are a few to get you started:

Remember, the agent doesn’t need to be local, thanks to technology, expanding your options significantly. 

Start by searching for ‘destination wedding travel agents’ and reach out to a few that catch your interest.

We like to think we are pretty good at what we do (and so do our customers, check out our reviews), so do not hesitate to reach out!


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