7 Great Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas for you!

Are you ready to pop the question? Hola Weddings gives you some ideas for an epic, festive, Thanksgiving proposal!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for family gatherings and reunions with special people. It’s the ideal opportunity to let others know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for having them in your life.

Since you are all together and already a little emotional, why not take advantage of that and create a memorable proposal to start the holiday season? Let’s jump right to it!

Here’s our list of the best 7 ideas for Thanksgiving:

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Nature Trail

Fall is the season of change and Mother Nature gives us incredible landscapes and beautiful scenery. Instant romance recipe!

Take your scarf and a coat and look for a beautiful park or a close forest with beautiful fall colors. Find a quiet space, and thank your loved one for everything you’ve been together, what your plans for the future are, and how you envision a life as a couple. You are ready to fire the question! 

Beach Walk

Who doesn’t love a beach stroll in glorious sweater weather? I know I do! Invite your partner to go on an intimate walk just the two of you before your Thanksgiving dinner.

Chances are the beach will be empty so you’ll have it for your selves! Take advantage of the golden hour for some awesome Instagram pics, say you want to catch the best angle, go on one knee, and say the best angle is by your side, forever!

Farmers Market

Ask your loved one to help you with the groceries, and visit the local farmers’ market. Request your partner to help you find the perfect pumpkin, wine, or dessert and after wandering a little, say you’ve found “the one”, get on your knee, and say the one is HER!

You can arrange with some shop owners and maybe have a sign or balloons ready waiting for you. Just imagine what an unexpected surprise!

Pre-dinner Proposal

If you happen to be visiting your distant relatives, or there is a group of people you don’t know that well attending the party, you may be feeling insecure and shy.

Take your partner in private a few minutes before dinner and pop the question in a more intimate setting. Then, when dinner comes and everyone is saying grace, share there is an extraordinary moment you are grateful for, and break the news with everyone!

It will surely be a Thanksgiving proposal to remember.

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Thanksgiving Proposal Dinner

One of the best parts of every celebration is the food! Am I right? After everyone finishes their Thanksgiving meal, pass that delicious pumpkin pie and suggest a toast making sure you go last.

Go around the table to express what you are thankful for and when your moment arrives, lead your speech toward your time with your partner, what you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown together.

In the end, surprise them by going on one knee and proposing. You’ll leave the whole table in awe!

Virtual Gathering

Times have changed and so have our ways of getting together. If you can’t have the whole family in the same room, arrange a video call to chat and have a conversation about the positive things you’ve had this year.

Make sure you go last so everyone has the time to talk and when the moment comes, pop the question! Bonus points if you record the session, you can add a short video of it to your wedding video!

Extra Tips

If you wanna go a little further, make some plans with a photographer or a close friend. Have them ready and waiting for you to make sure you capture the moment in pics and video! 

For professional help with your proposal, you can contact The Heart Bandits. Anywhere you are in the world, they are the go-to company for personalized, custom-made experiences you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, enjoy special moments with your loved ones, and get creative with your marriage proposal. And after that, comes the excitement of the wedding planning! Not ready to do it on Thanksgiving? You can always plan a romantic Christmas proposal!

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