11 Do’s and Dont’s for a perfect wedding day!

Hola Weddings put together a list of Dos and Dont’s you can’t miss, so you have a joyful, worry-free perfect wedding day. Include this list in your wedding planning, relax, and enjoy the celebration!

First of all: Congrats, you made it! You spent months (or even a whole year) planning tirelessly every detail of your destination wedding, you took the flight, and finally arrived at paradise. But now what? We got you, just read till the end!

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Let’s get the party started!


Unpack Everything

As soon as you arrive at your resort room, hang your outfit, and unpack all accessories you will use on your wedding day. This will prevent further wrinkling on your garments, and you will have time to go downtown or visit the hotel boutique in the rare case you forget anything at home. 

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Protect your attire so you shine on your wedding day! Photo: 50mm Art Studio

Plan Ahead

It’s imperative you take some time to organize your own schedule for the day or even a few days before the wedding. This way you will know who is doing what and when. Also, you can create solutions for possible scenarios if things don’t work out exactly as programmed. Let’s face it, every wedding has a little hiccup here and there, right?

Explore the Getting-Ready Room

Many resorts offer bridal suites, where the bridal squad can get ready and you have everything you could possibly need. If this is not your case, choose an ample room that can accommodate many people, with enough sitting room, mirrors, and tables. 

Make sure there are enough power outlets! Everyone will want to charge their phones and stylist need them for hairdryers, straighteners, and whatnot.

Go Influencer Style

Use social media in your favor and create a special hashtag for your wedding. Inform your guests so they include the hashtag on their content and it’s easier for you to find the stories and pics. It’s a great way to enjoy what professional photographers can’t get! Also, guests unable to attend can have a look at the party in real-time!

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Delegate Tasks

Work with your wedding coordinator, maid of honor, close family, and friends. Ask for their help arranging music playlists, party favors, room delivery gifts, and messages. 

Your family and friends will feel included in your celebration and it will also create a beautiful connection between them and you. This is your wedding day, you should not have any responsibility other than enjoying yourself with the love of your life! 

Your girls got you! Photo Courtesy: Take it Photo

Check your timings

Since resorts can be huge, you may need transportation from the salon, spa, bridal suite… make sure you include this time in consideration. This also counts if you are having external vendors such as photographers or makeup artists. You want to make sure they arrive way before the events so no one is rushing.


Overdo Drinks

This is a time of celebration so, of course, you will be toasting a lot! Make sure you go easy on those drinks if you want to fully enjoy your wedding day. Alternating one drink with a glass of water will help you stay hydrated in the heat and will keep that glow on your face!


Stare at Your Phone

On this very special day, you are the center of attention! Naturally, you will be getting lots of alerts from people sending messages, tagging you on social media (remember the hashtag thing?), and calling to congratulate you if they couldn’t make it to the trip. 

You don’t have to answer them right away! They will understand you are busy and have a lot going on (let’s say, your wedding!). Ask your maid of honor or someone very close to you to keep an eye on your phone, and arrange a few moments during the evening to roughly scoop what’s happening online. Try to be the most present you can be, and live in the moment!

Starve Yourself

You need all the energy you could get during that day, so a good breakfast is crucial! Also, you don’t want to order those mouthwatering chilaquiles with chorizo and extra cheese, or that delicious enchilada with habanero sauce you are dying to taste. Yes, sounds like heaven, but Nah-ah! Not today habanero, not today…

It is always best to play safe and stay within your diet. It’s the wisest advice we could offer you! Leave the buffet with those delicious Mexican and Caribbean dishes for brunch the morning after your wedding.

Stay safe and eat light on your wedding day!
Very tempting, right? Better not the morning of your wedding!

Stay up Late

We get it, you probably haven’t seen all your guests in a while, so it’s hard to resist the urge to stay up all night catching up with your best friend from high school, or your aunt from the other side of the country but trusts us, this is not the time! That’s what rehearsal dinners and welcome parties are for. 

What you really need to do the night before is to soak in a calming relaxing bath, use your soothing lavender oils, sip a warm cup of camomile tea, and get your beauty slip. Make sure you ask your stylist if you should shampoo your hair the night before, so you can get the look you are going for.

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Forget your Rescue Kit

It’s one of those things you never think about until you need them! Make sure you have handy a stain remover, nail polish, bobby pins, hair spray, safety pins, a basic sewing kit, double-sided tape, glue, scissors, and some pills to ease a headache or heartburn in case you didn’t listen about the enchiladas! Your wedding coordinator can be your best friend in these cases.


We wish you found our tips helpful. What would you add to the list? Do tell in the comments!

We’ve planned hundreds of destination weddings and helped many couples achieve the wedding of their dreams. We are in the area and have experienced the resorts firsthand, best part? We charge ZERO fees! Get in touch today and let’s start that wedding planning, shall we? 

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